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December 2011

I’m André,  a 54 year old french guy.



It’s now almost 7 years I’l living on Sumba Island (lesser Sunda Islands). My hobby is to develop there some ‘humankind framed adventures’ in helping a few communities to get cleaner water easier.

At November 2011, I have already completed 26  wells on Savu and Sumba Islands.

My motivation?  :  humankind!

In August 2011 we lounched a very genuine and exciting installation in my village (Waru Wora, Patiala Bawa) : pumping around a daily 40 cubic meters water up to the top of a hill (110 meter highth, 1300 distance) to distribute it to the inhabitants,

donors : Rotary Roosendaal (Holand), Palyja, Shimizu water pumps, and Sumba Barat Regency)

to find more informations about ‘PPWW’ just click the flag :   

Green Indonesia: ‘Yes we can!’

Water for NTT:  ‘Yes we can!’


Sorry, alike a human’s life,  this webpage is permanently under construction 

Below you can get immediate access to:

  1. Media reports

  2. The possible ways to sustain or contribute to my efforts for better ways of life for Sumba & NTT people.

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How can you help ?

You may send a financial contribution: 

Paypal : use graffounet@gmail.com

Transfer by bank account (in Indonesia) use ATM Bersama : 

bank NTT (code 130)
nomor rekening : 00902010034555


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